Ten Random Things I've Learned About Twitter

I'm not a Twixpert or Twenius -- but I have learned a few things in my journey through the Twitterverse these past 15 months.

  1. I don't look at Twitter as my "what am I doing?" outlet. I think of it as, "How can I add value to others today?"
  2. If you try to sell me something, I'll unfollow you in a flash.
  3. I used to only follow a few people. I learned that makes me look self-centered...like I want you to care what I have to say but I don't give a rip about what you have to say. I recently changed my approach.
  4. Twitter is personal. If I know someone is having one of their "people" tweet on their behalf--I stop following them.
  5. Programs like Tweet Deck, Seesmic and PeopleBrowsr allow you to group followers. I'm currently using three major groups: Family and Friends, Pastors and Leaders, Coaching Network. Then I also track everyone I follow in a 4th column.
  6. People don't like auto messages, like when you have a service send an automatic thank-you every time you get a new follower. Tried it. Backfired. Never again.
  7. You should turn Twitter off occasionally. Like anything, you can become addicted. When you are with your family or in a conversation--shut 'er down. It will wait.
  8. You shouldn't be all business or just a constant quotation regurgitator. Your followers also want to know about you as a person.
  9. Don't use those annoying services that automatically tweet the first 140 characters from your blog posts. Choose your posts selectively, and sell me on why I should jump over to read your blog.
  10. Don't be a Twachine-gun tweeter (someone who spits out 14 in a row). If it was meant for 700 characters, it would be designed that way. Keep it short.

What are your thoughts? Share in comments or @timastevens.

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