Let's Find Ruby a Car


Ruby Moyer is a member at Granger Community Church who has been serving in a mission in Mexico for the past two years. She will be home this summer for a few weeks...and I thought it would be great if we could find her a car to drive while she is here.

I'm looking for a good, dependable car from July 15 until August 20. We want Ruby to have a trouble-free experience, so the car should run well, have no major maintenance concerns, and have current insurance.

I'm just sure someone reading this might fall in one of these categories...

  • Your family has an extra car.

  • You own a dealership or car lot and could make one available.

  • You don't have a car, but would be willing to rent one for Ruby during her stay.

Ruby is giving years of her life to serve people in need in Mexico. If you want to help thank her and bless her for this effort through the provision of transportation...leave me a comment or send me an email.

Tim Stevens3 Comments