Culture Builder #2: Always Believe the Best

Yesterday I started a series about building a healthy staff culture. First thought? Continually share stories through your organization from top to bottom.

Today I want to suggest that to have a healthy culture in your organization or business, you must believe the best about the others on your team. This is less about what you do and more about what you believe. It is less about strategy--and more about a discipline of your mind.

  • When people come at your team, always believe the best.
  • When you receive an anonymous accusation about someone, throw it away. Why? Because  you choose to always believe the best.
  • When you hear one side of the story and there is every reason to believe that your staff members motives or intentions or actions were wrong...wait. Don't react. Get the rest of the story. Believe the best.
  • When there are two opposing sides and it isn't clear what is true and what is false--always side with your team. Make the mental choice to believe the best in those who are standing by you and with you.

This isn't natural. It is easier to assume the worst. It's always easier to believe the gossip and fall prey to the slander. Sometimes it takes discipline and integrity to go against popular opinion. But your team will give their best, be at their best and perform their best when they believe you have their back.

I'm a pretty secure leader. But nothing takes the wind out of my sails more quickly than when I feel like I'm not trusted by my leader. If I know he loves me, trusts me, and has my back--then I can be the best at what God has wired me to do. That is true of most of us. Your team deserves your trust.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't deal with incompetence, bad attitudes, misaligned leaders or the sinful choices of others. It also doesn't mean you should keep your head in the sand and not notice or deal with the obvious signs of trouble in the ranks. But those will be isolated situations. With most of your team, they need your undying loyalty and trust.

Whether they are below you, above you or next to you in position--your team will soar if they know you have their back.

Tim Stevens2 Comments