You Should Hire This Guy...Too

It was almost 4 months ago that I said you should hire this guy. And I couldn't be happier that several of you interviewed Adam Tarwacki. After many great conversations, Adam took a job at St. Mark's Church in Burlington, North Carolina. He will start as their Creative Director in a couple weeks--which is a great role to maximize his myriad of gifts. I will miss him...but couldn't be happier that he's following a dream.

BrentKelly There is another guy I want you to know about. Brent Wood has been on staff at Grace Church in Granger for more than a decade. This is a ministry less than two miles from Granger Community Church that has become a thriving church in our small town. Brent helped lead the church from a traditional, legalistic church to one that is making a difference in reaching new people.  I've known Brent for nearly twenty years, and his wife, Kelly, since high school--and you won't find a more authentic, likable and humble couple.

Brent & Kelly are at a point of transition. They are committed to serving in a local church and are looking for a ministry where they can invest the next season of life. If I could hire him I would, but it's just not possible right now. However, if you are looking for an addition to your staff team--you should consider Brent. He's a solid teacher, a great leader, very creative, has experience leading strong ministries, and is a team player. And here's the bonus--you get Kelly as well. She is smart and brightens every room she enters.

I'd encourage you to contact Brent directly if you are interested, or feel free to contact me if you want more information.

Brent & Kelly Wood, 574-276-0508,

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