No Apologies

It's been over a year, and I continue to see bloggers referring to Granger's reveal results. It is amazing to me the conclusions that have been made, but I'm learning to just smile and move on. Most recently, this was left as a comment on a previous post:

"For example, look at Granger’s results from the Reveal Study. Close to half don’t believe in salvation by grace and a majority believe there are other ways to eternal life. You can not be a Christian and believe in anything other than grace alone. You can not be a Christian and believe there are other ways to eternal life..."

You gotta help me here, cause I don't get the problem...

What is wrong with having a gathering every week where half the people who are in attendance don't yet understand salvation by grace?

Wouldn't every pastor or church leader in the world be ecstatic if they could plan an event every single week where Christians and non-Christians alike would gather...and everyone present would hear biblical truth and the gospel of Christ?

And wouldn't those same leaders be shouting from the rooftops if, on average, about 40% of the non-believers made a decision to follow Christ each year?

And wouldn't they also be giving each other high-fives if they knew that those who were seeking were coming out by the hundreds to serve the poor and help those in need, and that by doing so they were seeing Christ in the people around them?

We don't claim to have a church of 5000 people. We have a crowd of about 5000 people that gathers each weekend--and we do everything we can to help them take steps.

Our goal? Turn the crowd into a church--an unstoppable force of grace and love that makes an undeniable daily impact on our community. And for that, I'm not apologizing.

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