Keeping Up vs. Unplugging

When I was vacationing with the family for two-weeks, I was mostly disconnected from the world of information. Not a lot of time for TV news, and the few times I was able to get online was limited to uploading pictures for friends back home.

It is amazing how much can happen in a two-week period. It's easy to feel like you are out of synch. Just in the technology-geekdom world, here is what happened while I was gone...

  • Microsoft announced Project Natal for XBox 360

  • Apple introduced the newest version of the iPhone and software update.

  • AT&T talks of plans to roll-out 7mbs cellular speed.
  • The switch was finally flipped for digital TV.
  • The Palm Pre (an iPhone competitor) was released.
  • Last but not least, Windows Vista released Service Pack 2.

That's just the tech world. When you unplug, you miss so much more. Let's face it, I missed Jay Leno's last night, Conan's first night, the launch of the One Prayer series, a great First Wednesday at Granger, the Sunburst Marathon, the elections in Iran and more.

I like to keep up. I love to know what is coming, what is next, what is the newest, best, most cutting-edge tool available. But every now and then, it's okay to give myself permission to breathe. To focus on something else. To divert my attention for a period of time.

Keeping up can wear you out. Especially in today's world. I respected Anne Jackson's decision to unplug from all things tech this past spring. I'm not sure I could do it for that long, but I do know that unplugging for two weeks with my family was the right thing to do. We all love each other a little bit more because of it.

Tim Stevens1 Comment