Follow Me Home...Win a Book


You may have noticed I've been fairly quiet on my blog the past two weeks. If you haven't been following me on Twitter, you probably don't know that I've been with my family on vacation. It's been an amazing trip (we even swam with stingrays!) that is coming quickly to an end.

In my most recent post, I said I'm not very good at selling books. But, I might be able to become good at giving them away, so I thought it would be fun to play a little game as I drive my family more than 1200 miles home on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wanna play? Here's the deal...

  1. Track our trip here. You'll know where we are every minute along the way.
  2. If we pass within 10 miles of your location (house, church, job, whatever)...let me know and I'll send you a free autographed copy of Pop Goes the Church. I'll even pay the postage.
  3. In a comment below, let me know your location that I passed, your email address, and the mailing address where I should send the book (already have a copy? I'll send to a friend).
  4. Once I get within 30 miles of my house, the game is over (sorry, I can't afford to give all my neighbors and fellow church members a free book).
  5. Only 1 book per location.
  6. No comments received after 8pm (Eastern) on Thursday will result in a free book.

Have fun!

(We should be leaving around 10am on Wednesday. Until then, you'll just see me back and forth loading up.)

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