Wisconsin Isn't That Far Away


If you live anywhere near Wisconsin, I'd love to meet you on May 12th at Th?nk Tank 2009. It's an all-day conference for church leaders hosted at the Spencer Lake Christian Center in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

Where the heck is Waupaca? Well, by car it's only...

  • 2 hours from Milwaukee
  • 3.5 hours from Chicago
  • 4 hours from Minneapolis
  • 5 hours from South Bend
  • 6.5 hours from Grand Rapids (including 2 hrs across Lake Michigan on a ferry)
  • 7 hours from Des Moines
  • 8 hours from St. Louis
  • 15 hours from Washington, DC
  • 32 hours from San Diego

I'll be presenting two different talks based on my book Pop Goes the Church -- including numerous videos and practical "how-to" ideas. Also presenting are Jon Brooks and Joe Kessler

This seminar has an amazing price with it (only $50), and every registrant gets a free copy of the book. Can't beat that.

C'mon...you should join us! Register today.

Tim StevensComment