Q2: Joel Kotkin on the Future of the Suburbs

Joel Kotkin led off the second talk of Q Conference with some interesting stats about the future of the suburbs. Bottom line: They aren't going away. It is the growing edge of the population base of the world, and thus the opportunity for the church. Some thoughts from his talk...

  • About 50% of foreigners migrate directly into the suburbs.
  • Historically suburbs have been about young families, but this is changing and the suburbs are beginning to become multi-generational and multi-cultural.
  • The future of suburbs might be described as a “multipolarity” – a balance of economics, environment and community.
  • By 2030, about 20% of the population will be working from home. Most people will be willing to take a cut in pay in order to work from home.
  • Communities are made up of 3 things: The sacred, the safe, and the busy.
  • The churches that are growing of every kind (Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian) are happening in the suburbs.
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