What Does Mark Beeson Think About All This Sex Talk?

Here is what Mark Beeson said on his blog yesterday...

"I've been amazed at the reticence some express regarding the church's teaching on sex. The Bible has such wonderful help, instruction and direction for men and women all over the world. Clear counsel from God's Word builds faith. It enables us to walk by faith (taking into account the realities that are unseen) and not by sight. People don't have to buy "the lie." Sexual promiscuity and license won't bring abundant lie. Living God's Way with sexual integrity does."

"Maybe it will help you see why churches need to bring God's Truth to bear on this crisis of culture. Maybe it will help you see why churches must clarify the Way God purposes for us all. If churches stop teaching God's plans and purposes, the stats you see in this video will become ever more severe."

Tim StevensComment