Sex for Sale

Sex is complicated. Relationships are tricky. And being sexy? It seems to come easy to some people. It’s so hard to wait - is it really worth it? If you’re married, 10 years and two kids later, you’re missing the freedom and passion you felt when you were single. Is anyone having great sex these days who isn’t on TV? Is selling out the only way to be happy? I’m not buying it.

In fact, at Granger, we're not buying it. We've designed a four-week series where we will talk about the reality of sex and passion and how God’s design for sex leads to fulfillment and satisfaction.

It's called Sex for Sale...and it starts this weekend. A comprehensive radio, billboard, web and direct mail advertising campaign has been designed to catch the attention of our entire community. Why? Because we believe if we can show people the love of Jesus by helping them with something pressing in their lives (i.e. sex), they will also hang around to hear us talk about the transformational grace of Jesus.

What do you think? Good strategy? Or bad gimmick?

Tim Stevens28 Comments