On My Mind

Next few days are loaded. Here is what's on my mind...

  1. I'll be spending a day with a room full of smart people this week discussing church trends and innovations. Includes Frank Viola, Dave Ferguson, Marshall Shelley and Dave Travis among others. You are wondering why I was invited, aren't you?
  2. Big news today...Martha Stewart's dog was killed. Good thing all good dogs go to heaven.
  3. Next week I'll be speaking at Leadership 2009 conference at Resurrection Life church in Grand Rapids.
  4. After that I head to The Sticks gathering in Arkansas. If you live anywhere in the region, you've got to make plans to join us. I'll be delivering 3 talks on Wednesday. I love Shannon O'Dell and can't wait to see his church.
  5. It's true, Mark Beeson is working on a book. Can't wait to tell you about it!
  6. I love snow and extreme temperatures. I'm serious. We've had more than 6' of snow so far this season (and typically get another 10" after today's date). I like that. BUT, I just wish winter lasted 3 months instead of 5 months. I'm done with it.
  7. Weekend services were amazing. Watch them here.

That's all for now.

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