Mark Beeson is Worked Up

Mark Beeson is pretty worked up about the direction of our country. Most recently he wrote about the direction our natinoal leaders are taking us toward imposing government regulation over private companies. Mark says...

Think about regulation before you ask for it. Consider carefully the laws you enact.

You may get more than you bargain for….

Suppose you legislate against high risk/high reward endeavors.

What then?

The brilliant researcher is asked to, “Join our firm. Cancer is destroying thousands of lives and we’re investing everything to find the cure. We need your genius leveraged against this great need.  Of course, if we fail – after you’ve invested a decade of your life in our cause – you’ll receive minimal compensation for your effort.”

The courageous physician is asked to, “Come quickly! This patient coded and you are the one we’re counting on to save her life. We need your skill. None of us can do what you can do. Please help us save her!  Of course, you should bear in mind that if she dies, you’ll have your salary capped, we’ll publically blame you for the loss and the ensuing lawsuits will take everything you own.”

The remarkable business leader is asked to, “Fix this mess. The company has negotiated some bad deals. Toxic assets are killing us. Not many people could fix this problem; truth is, not many people even understand this problem.  Few would even attempt what we’re asking you do to. Of course, you’d do well to remember that if you fail to rescue this industry, fail to deliver seventy-hour-work-weeks for the handsome compensation of $1 per year or fail to make everyone happy, you’ll have your name drug through the mud, your address publicized, your children exposed to angry protestors and your assets taxed into oblivion.”

Do we really want to reduce the reward for risk?

Do we really want to incentivize safety-first, low-level, risk-averse living?

Do we really want to give high-capacity people little reason to produce more and lots of reasons to produce less?

Better pay attention friends. That’s what’s on the table… and it’s about to be served.

Proverbs 28:2  - When a nation sins, it will have one ruler after another. But a nation will be strong and endure when it has intelligent, sensible leaders.

Do you agree with Mark?

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