It's Not a Commercial; It's a Next Step

Here is what I believe:

  1. Most people won’t be transformed during a single church service.
  2. Very few long-lasting decisions are made during church services.
  3. Church services can provide inspiration and a catalyst for life change. But most true life change will happen outside of the church service.
  4. We can, however, increase the chances that life change will happen by doing two things in our services:
    • Provide opportunities for people to get involved in relationships.
    • Provide tools for personal or group study.

When we are planning a weekend service, we are constantly asking ourselves, “What is the next step we want people to take?” Is there a resource, a seminar, a website, a book, or another tool that will help people really drive deep the truth that is being presented?

If you didn’t understand what I just explained, you might think the following is just a commercial or a revenue source. Not at all. Rather, it is a very intentional discipleship method based on a deep-rooted and well-tested belief that life change happens best with the right tools in the context of relationships.

  • Huge thanks to Paul and Susie Worth from Relevant Church for partnering with us on 30 Days to Intimacy.
  • Read the blog of Mark Waltz where he wrote more about this last week.
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