Crispus Creamus

Many years ago our own Rob Wegner brilliantly illustrated the waters of baptism through a visit to a local Krispy Kreme store. As I recall, the idea wasn't original to us, but Rob took it and made it come alive. People who previously didn't understand the big deal about baptism--it became clear through this video tool and the message surrounding it. We've used this video many times since and hundreds have followed through in obedience after making a decision to follow Christ.

Rob thinks we should retire this video. Actually, he has begged. But alas, I personally think it's a classic and should be bronzed and kept alive for generations to come. Thus, I asked the team today to load it on Vimeo and YouTube so the world could appreciate it the way I do. I'm sure Rob won't mind.

Go ahead...leave a comment here and tell Rob what you think about the video. If you want to include the words "Tim is right" -- that would be just fine.

Tim Stevens19 Comments