Arkansas Sticks Session: Rick Bezet

I've never met Rick, but he pastors a multi-site church in central Arkansas called New Life Church. I enjoyed hearing him talk today at The Sticks conference...

  • Barna did a report on why 30-50 million adults are no longer in church. The #1 reason why people are not in church is because the people that are there are "not like me." In other words, they are weird.
  • Every church has weird people--but growing churches hide their weird people.
  • It is amazing how mean a church can be when they aren't reaching new people. Spiritual abuse is real and it is painful.
  • When you lose or leave your dream, people can tell. When you drive to your church every day without a dream, your people can tell.
  • Are you dreaming about what's coming? Or are you just pumped about what's already happened?
  • The average person at our church brings an unchurched friend every 2 months.
  • We tell our people, "You may like our church and dig it, but you will never understand the vision of our church until you have an unchurched friend sitting next to you."
  • You have to know your weakness. Mine is I work myself to death and ignore the people I love the most. So I have people in my life who go through my schedule with me.
  • If you are the pastor, you are in the best position to ruin your church. Live with integrity.
  • You may have alot of power, but you don't have to use all of it. Lead your church with love, not with power.
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