Arkansas Sticks Session: Charles Hill

I "met" Charles Hill early last year when Mark Batterson introduced us. I quickly grew to like, then love Charles and his passion. He is the dreamer behind the Sticks conference, and he closed the first day of the conference with his keynote. Some thoughts I captured from his talk...

  • If everything in the world were taken away from you, would Jesus be enough? 
  • What goes in your mind settles in your heart and becomes a part of your soul. And what is in your soul becomes a part of your pursuit (strength).
  • I often wonder what is the correct balance between being with people and being alone with God.
  • Do you ever ask, "Is this something God laid on my heart, or is this something I laid on God's heart?"
  • A subtle shift can make a substantial change in a leader's soul.
  • There are some subtle shifts which cause me to say, "Jesus, You aren't enough for me." 
    •  Fear - I Samuel 15:14 says "I was afraid of the people and so I gave in to them." 
    •  Sacrificing the now for the next. Do you love who your talking to more than you love what you are saying? 
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