Are We Giving Up on the 100% Video Multi-Site Model?

Perhaps you heard we are moving our Elkhart campus out of the movie theater and into the RV Hall of Fame. We will continue to deliver the message by video, but we’ll be adding live worship and hosting.


  • We have given up on the 100% video service – FALSE. This model worked well for us. We launched a great site with tons of energy and it has grown to around 350. It is likely we will go this route again with future campus launches.
  • We had a bad relationship with the management at the movie theater – FALSE. Working with Jen, Eric, Ruth and others at Carmike was a great experience for us. We did have some challenges with the organization that managed the rental for us, but that had nothing to do with the theater.


  • The new campus is in a better location.
  • The new campus gives us much more space.
  • The new campus will accommodate about three times as many people in each service.
  • At the new campus we can add additional service times with no additional cost.
  • The new facility is newer and cleaner.
  • Most weeks we can leave the staging, sound, lights, video and chairs set-up during the week.
  • We’ll be able to store everything on-site.
  • We will be doing all of this for less money. And, 100% of the rent dollars will stay in the community rather than going to corporate offices in Colorado and Georgia.

So why are no longer providing a service that is 100% video? In a movie theater, the design and architecture directs you to sit and watch. It just makes sense. And it worked. But in this new facility, we believe we’ll be better served to have some live components.

What? You want a tour of the space? Check Jeff Bell’s blog for pictures and watch this video…

Tim Stevens7 Comments