You Should Hire This Guy

Adam Two difficult decisions in the past week both have to do with my friend, Adam Tarwacki. The first decision was last Monday when I had to tell him we no longer could afford his position. Adam has been my assistant for more than three years--we work closely and have had a great working relationship and friendship.

The second difficult decision is writing this post. Why? Because I'm suggesting you may want to hire Adam, and in doing so, I realize that means he may move out of the area. But I'm gonna let God be God and tell you about him anyway.

So here are some of the reasons you should hire Adam...

  1. You'll never find anyone friendlier or better with guests.
  2. Adam is an artist. He is good with photography and graphic design.
  3. If you've ever seen a presentation I've delivered, Adam was the creative genius behind it.
  4. He can diffuse any tense situation.
  5. Adam knows Apple computers inside and out.
  6. He is loyal.
  7. He "gets" the local church. He knows why we do what we do and is committed to it.
  8. He's incredibly creative, a great brainstormer.
  9. He has the spiritual gift of serving. He would rather serve others than serve himself.
  10. His smile is contagious.
  11. He tells great stories. I think an untapped gifting in Adam is public speaking.
  12. Adam is a good personal teacher / trainer.
  13. This guy plays drums and looks like he's having fun while he's playing. He is most comfortable when he's hanging with other musicians.

Beyond all of that, Adam was my assistant for three years and served me well. I never once saw him grumpy or negative. Even the day I had to let him go, he had a smile on his face. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and whoever gets him next will be highly fortunate.

I don't know what role you are trying to fill, but if you think Adam might be a fit--you should give him a call...

Adam Tarwacki


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