Want to Read My Book Without Turning Pages?

Pop Kindle Just learned that Pop Goes the Church is available for Kindle. My guess is that you are probably in one of four categories...

1) You already own a Kindle but have never read my book because you've been waiting for the electronic version.

2) You just ordered a Kindle 2 (brand new, second-generation gadget) and want to order my book as your very first title.

3) You have no idea what a Kindle is and you really don't care. That's okay, the book is available in old-fashioned paperback.

4) You don't want to read my book in any form. That's also okay. You should curl up in one of these and read this or this while sipping this.

I'd love to hear from any of you who own a Kindle or Kindle 2 -- tell me about your experience. Also, bonus points to the first person who sends me a picture of Pop Goes the Church loaded on your Kindle.

Tim Stevens6 Comments