Shaking Up Workshops in 2009

The workshops offered at Granger by have helped thousands over the years. We constantly get feedback about how they are practical, specific and immediately helpful for pastors and church staff members.

This year we will continue to offer workshops, but we are making a few big changes...

  1. Regardless which workshop you are attending, everyone will begin together in the auditorium with a time of energetic worship.
  2. We are doing two days back-to-back. You might want to attend two different workshops. Now you can do that without a return visit.
  3. We've simplified the pricing. No early early bird, early bird, bird, late bird, etc. Instead, just one price if you pre-register.
  4. We've added more Practicums. You'll get a little teaching and a lot of interactive conversation with staff working through the same stuff you are.

Our first workshops are coming up--on March 5th or 6th. Eight workshops and three practicums to choose from. Attend either day or both...your choice. Our whole team will be ready to serve you and I'd love to meet you.


Tim Stevens2 Comments