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This is an article I'm re-posting from the blog of Megan Stevens...

Megan What would life be like if everyone bit their tongue when they were upset? What if, when someone said something cruel, we just held in our retorts and said something uplifting instead? What if we all saw that one person that was always alone, and instead of ignoring them we went to them and made a new friend? What if we loved everyone unconditionally, even our enemies? What if we went around with the intention of lifting people up higher than ourselves?

What if our first thought in the morning was, "How can I make Jesus proud?" rather than, "How can I make myself more comfortable"? What if we put others in front of ourselves? What if we longed for every second to honor God with our thoughts and actions? What if every person had God's compassion for the hurting? What if people cared about the hungry? What if we actually acted on the pull in our hearts towards the hurting? What if, on Christmas day, instead of sitting home and opening our gifts, we grasped the meaning of giving and actually gave to people who need it? What if we gave our excess food to the poor rather than getting fat on it? What if we forgave those who have hurt us as easily as we hold grudges? What if everyone cared about everyone else?

What then? Well, we would live in a perfect world, with no mistakes. But also no chances to learn and grow. But we strive to help others and live for God, or do we live for ourselves and strive to make ourselves more comfy and secure in our stuff? Every second of every day we need to live to it's fullest, with no regrets. There ARE people watching...they see how we love, how we respond to our enemies, how we respect or disrespect others. And what they see can either turn them to or away from God. When we're going about our daily lives we need to stop and think, "Who can i help right now?" and maybe we can make someones day a little better!

-- Written by Megan Stevens (14-year old student at Discovery Middle School)

November 2, 2008

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