Holed Up in a Cabin in Michigan

FAWN 11309 2 TIMEvery year in January our senior team gets away for a few days of planning, praying and dreaming about the next ministry season. Typically we go south to get away from the frigid winter and clear our minds for strategic thinking.

This year, however, we drove four hours north and settled into a cabin in the woods in Walhalla, Michigan. This saved us money on flights and car rentals...and even on food (since we brought a car full of food for the week--we don't ever have to leave the cabin!).

It's an important week. We are facing some of the biggest challenges we've ever faced at Granger (i.e. our area is one of the hardest hit, economically, in the country). We are considering some of the greatest opportunities and most difficult decisions we've ever contemplated.

I heard Jim Collins say last year, "The only way to get through tough times as an organization is to have the right people on the bus in the right seats. If that is true, you can make it through anything."

We have the right people in this cabin. And there are scores of our friends back home praying for us. I know God will give us the wisdom we need this week.

(Picture by Mark Beeson...one of the many creatures that roam outside our cabin window).

Tim StevensComment