Calling All Blog Designers

Okay, here's the deal. I started my blog in July 2007. I've written 818 posts, accepted 3,905 comments, have 3,347 subscribers and welcome around 20,000 unique visitors each month. But in all that time, my blog design has remained virtually unchanged. Every now and then I get crazy and bold an entire phrase. If I'm really feeling creative, I use italics or even indent a paragraph.

I'm fairly sure those of you who read this don't really care. Most of you read the posts through a RSS reader and so you never even see the design.

But I care. I'm tired of it. And it's tired of me.

So I'm looking for a blog designer who would like to redesign my blog within Typepad. Anyone out there want fame and prestige? Well, you probably won't get it from me, but you will get a little bit of exposure. And I even have a small amount of money set aside for this project (did I say small?).

Interested? Send me a proposal. I've got some ideas--and I'd like to see your portfolio.

Leave a comment below or drop me an email tstevens(at)

Hurry, before my blog looks as bad as this advertisement. Bad design makes my stomach churn.


Tim Stevens9 Comments