Brilliant Message from Obama

I didn't vote for Obama, but I have been encouraged by some of what I've seen during his tenure as President-Elect (cabinet appointments, etc.).

I just watched this video message (below) to the nation, and was struck by the brilliance of his short message in three areas...

Grasp of Technology -- Obama is asking people to text, log on and join social networks online. He has a grasp on today's world and is using it to empower the people.

Emphasis on Personal Responsibility

-- Similar to JFK with his "ask what you can do for your country" speech, and Bush 41 with his "thousand points of light" speech, and Clinton with the initiation of AmeriCorps -- Obama is telling people that government can't fix our problems...we all have to do this together.

Open Source Celebration -- he seems genuinely peeved by the inconvenience that the inaugural activities will cause to those trying to participace. He also seems to think the Inaugural Ball, once available only for rulers and select VIP's, should be available to all through the use of technology and social networking.

There might be plenty to be frustrated by as President Obama begins signing executive orders in a couple days--but for today I am encouraged by his smart leadership. Watch and let me know what you think...

Tim Stevens10 Comments