Ted Haggard and Rick Warren...in the News

Interesting that two religious leaders both made headlines today.

1. Rick Warren -- at a news conference, president-elect Barack Obama was defending his choice of picking Rick to deliver the invocation at the Innauguration.

2. Ted Haggard -- emerging into the public eye again talking about his continued struggle with his sexuality. He is now selling insurance. Read the full article here.

The spotlight that is upon an individual because of success brings an amazing amount of pressure. None of us know whether we'd respond like Rick Warren or Ted Haggard if we were given that much attention. But it is the decisions and choices we make today, and tomorrow, and next week, that prepare us for such a day...should it ever come.

I'm not going to spend much time thinking what it would be like to live a day in the shoes of either one of those guys. I'm just going to keep loving my kids and wife, honor my friends, live with integrity, and take my next step.

Tim Stevens6 Comments