What Will The Final Vote Be?

I love staying up on election night and watching the results come in. I began tuning in for the first time during the 1980 election when Reagan and Carter were running. Then in 1984, as a 17-year old, I got a little bit involved with the Reagan campaign and got to attend a speech he was giving in a field in central Iowa.

Tonight I'll be turning on my TV around 8pm...and will probably be glued to it until midnight or later. I don't think it will take long for the election to be decided. I imagine by time the polls close on the west coast--a winner will be declared.

Here are some predictions from major sources (remember, only 270 electoral college votes needed to win)...

  • Karl Rove: Obama wins with 338 electoral votes to McCain's 200 votes (this would be largest margin since 1996.
  • Real Clear Politics: They agree...Obama wins with 338 electoral votes.
  • Rasmussen Reports: Not including seven toss-up states, Obama gets 286 and McCain gets 160.
  • ElectoralVote.com: They suggest Obama wins with 353 electoral votes.

There is a large collection of predictions you can view at 3BlueDudes.com -- but the closest race still has Obama winning 286-252.

I'll enjoy watching tonight. Want to know what I'm thinking as I'm watching? Probably not, but if you are bored, join me tonight on Twitter.

Tim Stevens1 Comment