The Sticks: Mark Batterson

The first session at The Sticks was launched by Mark Batterson (from National Community Church) with a compelling talk. Some quotes…

  • I want a supernatural dimension to my ministry. I want the favor of God on my family, my life and my ministry.
  • God often supplies “just enough” and “just in time.” Why? Because it keeps us on our knees.
  • “Be innocent as doves” means I must be checking my motives all the time.
  • I’m competitive. I don’t even like losing CandyLand to my kids. It’s my job to plant and water. The harvest isn’t up to me. We need to get out of the comparison game.
  • The comparison game only goes in one of two directions: Jealousy or Pride. Either direction isn’t good.
  • Jesus had the ability to juxtapose two ideas that seemed like opposites. Right after saying we need to be innocent as doves, Jesus says we need to be as shrewd as a snake.
  • This is about “contextual intelligence.” Most pastors get A’s or B’s in theology. But we often get C’s or D’s in contextual intelligence.
  • Seth Godin said, “If you are not remarkable, you are invisible.” So many of us as church leaders aren’t doing anything remarkable.
  • One percent of what you do makes ninety-nine percent of the difference.
  • One of my greatest fears as a leader is becoming a closed system. It’s called unintentional blindness.
  • There are ways of doing church that no one has thought of yet.
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