The Sticks: Charles Hill

Charles Hill is the host pastor at New Hope Community Church here in Loudonville, Ohio. They are doing an amazing job of hosting The Sticks conference.

Charles asked some important “soul” questions…

  • Am I hearing God’s voice or my voice?
  • Is this something God has laid on  my heart? Or something I am laying on God’s heart?
  • What is the balance between being alone with God and being out on the front lines?
  • Is Satan attacking my life or is God growing me?
  • A subtle shift can make a substantial change in a leader’s soul.
  • What you put in your mind eventually gets to your heart. And whatever is in your heart becomes your pursuit.
  • I Samuel 15:24, Saul said, “I have sinned because I was afraid of the people…” Who says the Bible isn’t relevant?
  • We pray and plan…then we place it in God’s hands and He does the rest.
Tim Stevens2 Comments