The Economic Crisis is Impacting the Church

We are experiencing the hardest financial times of our history as a church. And it didn’t begin with the banking crisis last month…it began with a slowdown in our local economy about two years ago. We haven’t talked much about it on the weekends. Why? For several reasons:

  1. We want to help people experience God on the weekends.
  2. We want a safe place for them to bring their unchurched friends.
  3. People are more motivated to give by vision, not by an appeal.

In recent months, however, we’ve discussed the need to be straight with our participating members. How are we doing that? Yesterday we mailed a letter which will be arriving in their homes over the next few days. It is straightforward, yet full of hope. You can download a copy and see if you agree.

GCC Members Letter

Because of the length of the letter, we weren’t sure people would read it to the end. So Mark Beeson reached into his bag of artistic gifts and illustrated it to help keep people engaged.

Read the entire letter: Granger Members Letter

Then, I’d love to hear comments from two groups:

  • Granger members or attendees – what thoughts or feelings do you have as you read this letter?
  • Pastors or church leaders – was it stated too strongly? Not clear enough? What would you have added?
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