Catalyst One Day: Groeschel & Stanley Question Each Other

  • Andy: When I'm writing a message, I look for the part I'm really jazzed about...the part I can't wait to preach. Then I re-write it in order to make that part the central part of the message. Everything else is getting to it and getting out of it.
  • Andy: When you are doing what God has made you to do, and spending most your time there, you have more energy for family, God, ministry, everything.
  • Craig: Way too many churches don't use their buildings. Don't build an $8 million building and use it twice a week. Build smaller and use it over and over and over again.
  • Craig: I think way too many churches are going multi-site. It's trendy right now.
  • Craig: I think churches should only go multi-site when...
    • They are using up their building completely.
    • You are missional and convinced you need to reach more people.
    • You have the leadership to pull it off.
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