Catalyst One Day: Craig Groeschel on Busting Barriers

Craig Groeschel is the senior leader at He blogs with others a Swerve. Quotable from Craig’s session…

  • The longer your ministry has been stalled, the more likely you’ll have to do something drastic to break out of it.
  • What got you to this point is not likely to get you to where God wants you to go.
  • It requires a different mindset to grow to a new level for your organization.
  • Whatever you blame on your people, you need to blame on your leadership.
    • “Our people won’t give” – No, you haven’t led them to be generous.
    • “Our people won’t reach lost people” – No, you haven’t led them by your example.
  • We think we have to do more to reach more.
  • We eliminated everything except 5 things. We do…
    • Weekends
    • Small Groups
    • Missions
    • Kids
    • Students
  • Are you about your mission…or are you about guarding people’s feelings?
  • Some church cultures communicate that they can’t leave the church. To grow your church, sometimes you need people to leave.
  • People say, “God guides by what He provides.” Sometimes God provides by what He does not provide.
  • Don’t ask people what they do – find out how they think.
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