Catalyst One Day: Andy Stanley on Momentum

Last night Mark Beeson and I had a great opportunity to eat dinner with the Catalyst team, including Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. Every time I’m around those guys—I see they are the real deal. Humble. Authentic. Guys who put their families above their ministries. I respect them both immensely.

Andy began the day with a session on momentum. Some quotes…

  • Momentum = forward motion fueled by a series of wins.
  • In the business world, a company that doesn’t have momentum takes quick action.
  • In the church world, we put up with lack of momentum for a long time as long as we can still pay the bills.
  • In the church world, momentum is not the norm. It is very disruptive, unsettling and uncomfortable.
  • If you have momentum and you don’t know why—you are one stupid decision away from killing it.
  • If you lack momentum, you need to understand why.
  • Anything new creates momentum.
  • Momentum is never triggered by tweaking something old. It is triggered by introducing something new.
  • Complexity kills momentum. The process of tearing down complexity is painful, but must be done.

It’s almost as if Andy was sitting in our staff meeting yesterday. So much of this ties into our recent conversations.

Tim Stevens3 Comments