Steven Furtick on Being Faithful

Last night at dinner I had a few minutes with Steven and his wife Holly. He was trying to figure out how to say what God had on his heart in 25 minutes or less. Right now, he’s bringing it for 12,000 Catalyst attendees. Some quotes…

·         Between the promise of God and the pay-off is the process.

·         When you are struggling through what seems insignificant to you, hang on to the promise of God.

·         Be faithful in the process. Don’t get your eyes on the “big” thing or the “successful” place—just be faithful in the process.

·         After David was anointed, where did he go? Back to the fields to be faithful in his role as a shepherd boy.

·         There’s got to be more to life than putting money in a 401, buying a boat, and then dying.

·         Be faithful. Be faithful Be faithful.

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