Does the Media Favor a Certain Candidate?

Several weeks ago I summarized my view of media bias during this election, both to the right and the left. A new report was released yesterday by a non-partisan group that analyzes the bias of the media covering the presidential campaign during a recent 6-week period. Very interesting. Here is my summary of the report as it relates to negative stories:


Note: I created the above report by pulling numbers from the data table attached to the Pew Research Center's report. See the original tables here.

Based on their negative reporting...

  1. Does the media overall favor (or reject) a one of the candidates?
  2. Which news outlet seems most fair and balanced?

By the way, remember this is not a political blog. I rarely talk politics, but am doing so exclusively this week leading up to the election. If this is getting on your nerves--just turn me off until next Wednesday when we get back to "normal."

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