Billy Graham Receives Lifetime Achievement Award


As a child I heard about Billy Graham, but it wasn't good. People who made a decision in one of his rally's probably weren't real Christians, so I was told.

Later, when I traveled to over 1,000 churches and stayed in hundreds of homes as a young adult in a Christian ministry, I was amazed by the namber of people I met who started their spiritual journey as a result of a Billy Graham Crusade. It was then that my view of Billy Graham began to change.

Since then, my respect for him has just gone up.

No one in the history of the world has ever preached the Gospel live to more people than anyone else...more than 210 million people. He was technologically way ahead of others, he did things no one else did.

Today at Catalyst, Billy Graham received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Catalyst.

Billy is 90-years old. The award was accepted by his son, Franklin Graham.

Tim Stevens3 Comments