The Brains Behind

Craig Groeschel opened the session (on video) by introducing the senior team from Jerry Hurley (team development leader, Bobby Gruenwald (innovation leader), Kevin Penry (operational leader and Sam Roberts (campus operations leader)...

  • An organization is the reflection of its leadership.
  • Every good leader is self-aware. She knows her weaknesses and where she needs help.
  • A good leader invites others to speak into his life.
  • People naturally attribute someone else's behavior to their character. But we tend to blame our own behavior on our circumstances.
  • A newer or smaller church has a tendency to get off-course--because everyone thinks the mission is up for discussion.
  • One of our team's strengths: A willingness to get naked (bonding, vulnerable).
  • The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be is the pain you're unwilling to endure.
  • Our own capacity as leaders will be found at our ability to endure pain.
Tim StevensComment