Steven Furtick Brings it Down

Steven Furtick encouraged the guests of Innovate with words of wisdom...

  • The prophet of God came to David's house to annoint the next king, but no one invited David to the party. He was left in the back yard (I Samuel 17).
  • How often do you feel like God's promise is so far away from the pay-off?
  • We forget there is a process between God's promise and the pay-off.
  • David's battle against Goliath started because David brought cheese and bread to the battle.
  • The reason you aren't getting people to join you it's because you are under-challenging them. Instead of asking them to find their true potential and come change the world with you--instead you are asking them to come along and help you.
  • It always starts small. Don't despise the day of small beginnings.
  • Some of you have educated yourself beyond believing that nothing is impossible for God.
  • The process isn't pointless. Sometimes the process is the point.
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