Shawn Wood on Brand Schizophrenia

(Just noticed this post didn't go up last here it is, better late than never).

In this second session of the Innovate Conference, Shawn Wood led us through a compelling talk with great visuals. Some take-aways...

  • People always ask me how to do more stuff...or how to do less stuff.
  • We let the stuff of church become the object of our affection--rather than Jesus.
  • In our zeal for innovation, we can become more enamored with the stuff than with Jesus.
  • We experience brand schizophrenia. The brand is Jesus...not all the stuff.
  • Some of us are spending a lot of time trying to be something we were never created to be.
  • Definition of brand = "The aftertaste left by an emotional experience."
  • The experience they want at Seacoast: "Spirit-filled, practical, non-spooky, yet kind of mystical experience in multiple locations on the cheap."
  • Don't chase excellence for the sake of excellence.

If you haven't got it yet, pick up a copy of Shawn's new book, 200 Pomegranates and an Audience of One.

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