Rob Wegner: Up There Down Here

Rob Wegner launched Day #2 of Innovate Conference. Some take-aways from his session...

  • God's plan to help the world is you. There is no other plan.
  • We've miscommunicated the gospel. We've talked about it as the minimum requirements to get into Heaven.
  • The "gospel of Jesus" is this: The kingdom of God is near.
  • For most Christians, the gospel is either about 1) life after death, or 2) Jesus making my life better.
  • The gospel is life in Heaven, yes, but it is more than that. It is God's will here on earth. It is up there down here.
  • We need to change our definition of the gospel from saved souls to saved wholes.
  • We decided to move from flashlight to laser focus.
  • In each area of focus, we decided to narrow our focus rather than broaden it.
  • When first approached, South Bend Housing Authority had been burned by churches before. Churches come in, tell a Bible story, ask kids to come forward, then church leaves and never comes back. Director said, "Our kids have enough issues with abandonment without the church adding to it."
  • Narrowing your focus will dramatically increase your impact.
  • Over 2800 people from Granger have been involved in ministry outside the walls of the church this year.

Two great videos in this session...I'll post them here as soon as I can.

Tim StevensComment