Oh Me of Little Faith?

Three months ago when we made the decision to cancel our midweek believers service, we knew it was risky. With around 1,000 gathering each week for New Community, we changed directions and methods. We needed a better way to teach the Bible for life change.

We made the decision with this assumption: Probably half of our regular attenders will not participate in the Journey Bible Classes.

Why? Because the Bible classes require a longer commitment and include homework. In essence, the bar was being raised. We were convinced we'd lose 500 people when we made this decision. But to us it was worth it, because we believed it would be better to have 500 people growing through studying the Bible than 1,000 people involved in a service that wasn't producing the desired results.

Boy, were we surprised. Last Wednesday was week #1 of our first-ever Journey Bible Classes. Here were the results...

  • 1,566 adults attended Bible classes (three options).
  • 153 students attended their own Bible study.
  • More than 400 children received age-appropriate Bible training in their own classrooms.
  • Since many families came in 2 or more cars, our parking lot completely maxed out.
  • We bogged down the area streets with some people taking as long as 20 minutes just to turn into the parking lot.

We are grateful for a responsive people who are answering the call to become more knowledgeable about the Bible and more responsible for their own spiritual growth.

Tim Stevens1 Comment