Coming to Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta


I'm hitting the road with Kem Meyer and Mark Waltz...and I would love to meet you.

Ten Simple Reasons To Spend The Day With Us

  1. You haven't seen Kem since she turned 40, and you want to personally wish her a happy birthday.
  2. You know you need to do better with volunteers--you just don't know how. I'll spend the day unpacking some of the strategies we use at Granger...where 40% of our weekend crowd serves in a ministry of the church.
  3. You'd love to be in an environment that is small enough (typically 30-75 in a workshop) where you can ask your question and get a thoughtful answer.
  4. You just want to escape your desk for a day and hear ideas that will open your mind to new ways of doing ministry.
  5. You need to get a handle on the amount of information you are pushing at your people, and think, "Who better to learn from than the queen of 'less clutter, less noise'?"
  6. You know you need to provide a better experience for new guests at your church, but you aren't sure where to start (I have an idea).
  7. You want to meet the guy who changes his blog header as often as he changes his clothes.
  8. You are curious about the churches where we are hosting the workshops in Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta.
  9. You know how much I love (insert sarcasm here) to sign books, and you want to watch me sweat as I sign your copy of Pop Goes the Church.
  10. You know I'm an introvert and yet I just said I want to spend the day with you. What other reason do you need?

Seriously, register today.

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