Todd Wagner Talks About the Power of Media

Todd Wagner is the pastor of Watermark Community Church.

  • Images have always been the most powerful way to communicate way before the written word (hieroglyphics, stained glass). People don't think in words, they think in images.
  • The power of story changes people.
  • Todd quoted an author who says, "The human mind is not a debating hall, it is a gallery of pictures."
  • When I speak, I look to entertain people. As a speaker, I want to entertain people, but I do not want to amuse people. Entertain: "to hold someone's attention." Amuse: "not thinking."
  • #1 best advertising is word of mouth. #2 best advertising is product placement in movies. Images have power.
  • First movie product placement was Reeses Pieces in E.T. (after M&M's turned down the option). The market share of Reeses Pieces tripled in one week when that movie debuted.
  • Media is powerful and can be destructive, but it is also powerful and can be transformative.
  • Some people choose a church like a cruise line -- what is comfortable for me? Some people choose a church like a battleship -- agreeing on a mission and everyone playing their part.
  • God has no "plan B" except you to reveal Himself to others.
  • The media that God is most interested in is sitting in this room, it is not made by people in this room. You have to make great images, but you also have to be a great image of Jesus for others.
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