Leadership Summit Session #4-B: Efrem Smith

Quotes from Efrem Smith on Loving Others

Efrem delivered a refreshingly, balanced message on multi-cultural ministry.

  • 1 in 100 people in 1970 were born of a mixed race; in 2000 it was 1 in 19 people.
  • A leader doesn't have to be an expert. He/she must be willing to step out and lead.
  • When Jesus comes back it is ultimate justice, but until then it is "just us."
  • If you can't love across race and class today, you can't love today.
  • In order for the church to be socially innovative and transformative, it can not be separated by race.
  • There is still a need for ethnic-centric churches. But communities around the country are multi-ethnic communities with ethnic-centric churches...that's not right.
  • You are more than a white guy or a black woman. You are a child of God.
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