Leadership Summit Session #2: Gary Haugen

Quotes from Gary Haugen on Charging the Darkness

  • I ask myself: "Are Jesus and I interested in the same things?"
  • The hardest thing for people around the world to believe about the Christian faith is that God is good, because of hunger, war, poverty and injustice.
  • We are the plan for righting the wrongs of the world. God has no other plan.
  • If you want your leadership to matter, lead in the things that matter to God.
  • It is our job to give all we have. Miracles are his job, not ours.
  • Jesus did not come to make us safe. He came to make us brave.
  • Sometimes you can go on a trip, but miss the adventure. Some of us are on a journey with Jesus, but we are missing the adventure.
  • Effective leadership comes in four choices...
    • Choosing not to be safe.
    • Choosing deep spiritual health.
    • Choosing to pursue excellence.
    • Choosing to seize joy.
  • It's easy to let your devotional life become a task list to check off to say you did it.
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