Leadership Summit Session #1: Hybels

Quotes from Bill Hybels on "The High Drama of Decision Making"

  • Every leader makes high stakes decisions.
  • A few years ago, I had to make a decision to layoff 30 staff members go.
  • Over time, a leader can master the skill of decision-making.
  • Traditionally, Christian leaders take their decisions through a series of four questions...
    • Does the Bible have anything to say about this?
    • What would smart advisors tell me to do?
    • PG&E -- What can your pains, gains, or experience tell you?
    • Is the Holy Spirit prompting me in a certain direction?
  • If a decision turns out good, you thank everyone. If a decision turns out bad, you blame no one.
  • Axioms (or proverbs) are powerful...
    • Bob Galvin: "Create motion for motion sake."
    • Abraham Lincoln: "The best way to defeat an enemy is to make him your friend."
    • Colin Powell: "Check your ego at the door" and "Promote a clash of ideas."
  • Some of Hybels axioms...
    • "Vision leaks."
    • "Get the right people around the table."
    • "Facts are your friends."
    • "When something feels funky...engage."
  • I haven't given my life to create a community of people in a country-club setting. I've always only wanted to help people who are far from God take steps toward Him.
  • Don't believe the lie that unattended problems go away if left alone.
  • Leaders have to call "fouls" in meetings or they could turn into a degenerate gathering.
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