CNN - Fair and Balanced?

It's Friday -- so time for a random post.

Some of you know I'm a news junkie and thoroughly enjoy getting into the craziness of the political season. As I've been flipping channels during this presidential campaign season, I've drawn some conclusions about the conservative or liberal slant of the major news outlets. My thoughts are represented on this graphic.


I've been watching CNN quite a bit recently, and it seems like they've made a major effort to head closer to balanced than they were just a few years ago. On the other hand, Fox News seems to be inching to the right. When they started, every news outlet was far left, and Fox News came on the scene as the "fair and balanced" choice. They now consistently win the ratings at just about every time slot, which may be why some of the others are moving toward the center. However, in the last few weeks, it seems like much of the analysis on Fox News has been decidedly right...and not as balanced.

I find myself flipping back and forth between CNN (which has a tremendous HD signal) and Fox News. When I get tired of the "spin" on either side, I switch to the other.

What do you my chart accurate?

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