"A Bad Taste in My Mouth" about Granger

I mentioned there have been two recent reviews of Pop Goes the Church that have been especially meaningful to me. The first one I posted about yesterday. The second came by way of an email from Brad Zimmerman of Vinmark Productions. Brad gave me permission to reprint here what he wrote...

I have talked to you in the past via your blog leading smart about the copyright issues at granger. I very much thought what you were doing at granger was wrong and asked you about it and it left a bad taste in my mouth about what goes on at granger. (I have never been to gcc or meet you). I continued to read your blog and watch from afar what was going on in your life and the life of granger.  I run an internet tv show called “church media design” so when I heard about your book I wanted to read it. I partially read this book to find out if I should continue to disagree with you and the other part was to review this book for my show.

After reading your book and continuing to read your blog I have to admit I was wrong, I want to apologize for way I viewed your church and your motives. The book gave me a great insight into why you do what you do at granger. It also helped me express my philosophy on media in the church. (I love the missional mindset that comes thru). I am all for using pop culture in the church. I have always believed that. The thing I have had a hard time with is the misuse. When the church turns into a show and pop culture is just used because it is cool. Instead of using to to express a point and speak to people in there own language. That was why I had a hard time with granger in the past. Looking from the outside, it just seemed to be a show, but after reading more and dropping my guard I am grateful for what you are doing at gcc...

Brad did a very exhaustive review of my book on his podcast at Church Media Design TV (check out episode #23, beginning at counter 5:00). Not only did I enjoy his review of my book, I also enjoyed the whole concept and content of his podcast...a definite must-watch for any church media specialist. He actually teaches how to do photoshop by re-designing the cover of the book beginning at counter 18:00 -- very cool.

Brad's words were especially encouraging to me, and I looking forward to meeting him this week at the Echo Conference.

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