Trading Pop Beads for Pearls


On Thursday night, I wrote a post about the sweeping changes recently announced at Granger. Most of you were enjoying the holiday and were taking a break from blogs (way to go!).

If one of the following statements describe you...

  • You attend Granger, but couldn't make it last Thursday night.
  • You attend Granger and want to help process the coming changes with a group of volunteers.
  • You are thinking about attending Granger.
  • You are a church-lurker from afar and want to know what we are up to.
  • You are curious.
  • You heard about the changes but wonder why.
  • You have to make an announcement about change to a group of people and want to see a great example on how to process change.
  • You think Granger is from the den of demons and would like to see if we are changing anything to become less evil.
  • You look at the picture above and wonder if a) Mark is waving to his brother, or b) Mark is turning on a lightbulb, or c) Mark is asking, "Has anyone seen my tie?"

...then you will definitely want to watch the video.

Go here, then look for the message called "Trading Pop Beads for Pearls." Enjoy the entire service, or if you just want to hear Mark's message, fast forward to 26:30.

Tim StevensComment