Sweeping Changes at Granger

We have researched. We have prayed. We have agonized over what to do. We have considered many different options.

The Reveal survey conducted at Granger in January was jarring in its' revelation of who we are as a church. It was an awakening. We learned some things that were extremely positive...and we also learned some things that were deeply concerning to us. More on that in the coming days.

But the bottom line...we are changing. Tonight Mark Beeson announced the following...

  • Our weekend services will be changing. Instead of doing five 60-minute services, we will be doing four 75-minute services. The message will not grow in length...but we will be adding artistic and participative opportunities for people to experience God. We are going further up and further in.
  • All the weekend service times, length and format are changing beginning August 23rd.
  • New Community will end on August 14th. This is the mid-week service we have been doing every Thursday for more than fourteen years.
  • Beginning September 3rd, we will offer a once-a-month service called First Wednesday where we will experience the awe and wonder of God.
  • Beginning September 10th, we will offer Journey Bible Classes for adults (three options to choose from) along with full programming for children and students. Each Wednesday (except on First Wednesday), a class will be offered in each of three categories:
    • Encounter -- Bible studies (i.e. book study on James, Ephesians or Proverbs)
    • Empower -- Spiritual disciplines (i.e. how to study the Bible, prayer, solitude)
    • Engage -- life application (i.e. marriage, parenting, finances).

There are many things that won't be changing. We will continue to reach people who are far from God. We will continue to make our weekend services work for those who don't normally go to church. We will continue to leverage the culture to reach our community.

We are not changing directions--we are changing gears.

Update: Watch the video of Mark Beeson's announcement to the church (called "Trading Pop Beads for Pearls") here. Enjoy the entire service, or fast forward to 26:30 to see just his message.